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Regardless of the procedure, surgery can be stressful. Dr. Howard S. Grad will alleviate your stress before and after your procedure.


What will happen during surgery will be thoroughly explained at your pre-surgery appointment and personalized, gentle care will be provided before and after.

Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism, laser vision correction can dramatically improve your vision.


Laser vision correction works by reshaping the cornea so light can be properly focused in the retina. The results are clearer vision almost immediately after your procedure!

See better with laser vision correction

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Personalized pre- and post-op care

-  Delivers excellent vision to 96% of patients

-  Gentle procedure, little pain is felt

-  Fast results, within 1 day of procedure

-  Reduces need for glasses and contacts

-  No bandages or stitches

-  Fast recovery period

-  Can be repeated as your vision changes

-  Experienced laser vision correction

Experience the benefits of laser vision correction

"Dr. Grad administers a thorough examination that fully meets the Connecticut guidelines, and has the most up-to-date testing equipment. He keeps up on the latest medical evidence and Dr. Grad and Heidi have always been sensitive to my needs and willing to take extra time to work with me. You are going to get personal experience in this practice." - Patient

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