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Laser retinal scanning is a non-invasive process and doesn't produce the startling sensation of traditional exams using drops.


During your exam, a laser will quickly scan your eyes, produce images of your retinas, and Dr. Grad will examine them for any issues.

During a traditional eye exam, Dr. Grad examines your retinas by putting drops in your eyes and examining them for problems.


Laser retinal exams can be a good addition to traditional exams. They can sometimes help Dr. Grad diagnose retinal disorders that may not be seen through traditional exams.

Enhance your traditional eye exam

Experience the ease of laser retinal scanning.


Easy laser retinal scanning procedure

-  Diagnosis of retinal disorders

-  Non-invasive and non-irritating

-  Fast laser scan

-  Images save easily to medical records

-  Retina scans can be compared over time

-  Experienced laser scanning

-  Advocate's Best optometrist last 6 years

-  Fast appointments

Get the benefits of laser retinal scanning

"Dr. Grad and his staff were very friendly and helpful. It was easy to schedule an appointment within a reasonable time period. Dr. Grad took the time to listen to me, and he thoroughly explained his test results so I could understand." - Patient

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